HH Treagust & Sons Family Butchers

In 1924 Harry Hurst Treagust bought the shop at 17 High Street, Emsworth, on the south coast.  

Harry lived and traded there with his wife Anneta and their seven children.   

In 1929 the shop passed to Harry Clifford Treagust, their eldest son, who with his wife Bertha worked hard to establish the business as a good quality family butcher’s shop. 

Each generation has put their mark on the business and Benjamin Harry (fifth generation), is no exception.  ​

The shop continues to provide excellent quality master butchery to this day. 

Still standing strong as one of the few long-standing independent businesses in the community.

HH Treagust & Sons Family Butchers
TEL: 01243 372484
MOB: 07738 322619

17 High St, Emsworth Hampshire PO10 7AQ


17 Brighton Open Market, Brighton & Hove BN1 4JU

  • HH Treagust & Sons Family Butchers
  • HH Treagust & Sons Family Butcherswitter
  • HH Treagust & Sons Family Butchers